May 19

Wooden Kitchens Trends for 2021


Since they gained popularity in the 80s, wood has been found in every kitchen in the world. This resistant, versatile, durable and beautiful material adapts to all styles of decoration and design, from modern to rustic. No matter what style you’re after, wood will always create a warm and comfortable space that you will feel great in.

Let’s take a look at how wood will be used in kitchens this year:

Modern wooden kitchens

Due to the popularity of minimalism and “Feng Shui”, we are increasingly seeing the rise of this trend as one of the most popular and desired.

Wooden furniture with no decoration can  give your kitchen a stunning, modern look while keeping a warm and relaxing environment.

Rustic Wooden Kitchens

Rustic kitchens have a very cosy look, which their minimalist equivalents do not have, that’s why this style has been on trend for decades.

Also, a rustic wooden kitchen will never feel out of date. If you don’t want to depend on trends, this can be your style.

Modular wooden kitchens

One of the latest trends, are the modular kitchens where furniture and appliances make perfect shapes, and smart storage solutions are integrated into the furniture itself or into the wall.

White wooden kitchens

White is one of the best colours to accompany the wood, as it highlights and emphasizes the natural beauty of this noble material.

White painted cabinets and walls will retain the light sensation of the room.

Kitchens with wooden counter top

Simplicity is often the key to a stunning kitchen. Both dark and light wood counter tops can achieve a balanced and sensational design.

Even if your kitchen is not rustic, it is possible to introduce a country feel with a central island with a wooden counter top.

Light wood kitchens

This style, applied to the kitchen, can be an excellent choice, as it will add more light to the entire room. If you are lucky enough to have beams in your kitchen, then do not be afraid to make the most of them.


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