May 11

Should Your Hardwood Floor Be Refinished Or Replaced?


Hardwood flooring adds beauty, warmness and comfort to your home, but it also requires an extra effort to keep it well maintained. Often, we’re unaware of the specific products we should use to clean it, moisture has slowly deformed its original shape or direct sunlight has damaged its original colour, but not always is so obvious.

If you’re not sure if it’s time to give your floor an upgrade. Here are the three main things to look for:

Worn Out

Your floor appears to be fading or just dull in general, and gives a worn out effect to the entire house. If your floors have lost the shine and colour they once had, it is likely time to do something about it.

Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by multiple factors from flooding to leaky or malfunctioning elements in your home.

Wood that appears to have taken on a bumpier appearance over time likely has some water damage. Consider replacing your floor after you’ve detected and repaired the source of the problem.


If your floor only has a few scratches, you may look into restoration and start taking better care of it in the future. On the other side, if the majority of your floor is full of scratches and dents, it is likely time to get the floor replaced once and for all.

Always keep in mind deteriorated floors can be dangerous for your family and pets, not only because they can cause accidents, but also because moisture can bring some health problems if mould starts growing.


If you’re considering having your floors refinished or replaced, schedule a free consultation with our flooring experts in Milton Keynes.

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