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Dark or Light Hardwood?


Hardwood is by far the most popular flooring choice, which is not surprising to anyone who knows its many advantages. These woods are not just durable, versatile and beautiful, but also they come in many colours and textures, giving you the chance to get creative and give your home a completely different look.

But choosing the right shade and wood can be difficult. Here are some things to consider before choosing between dark and light wood floors.

Light Hardwood: Open, Modern & Relaxing

Lighter hardwoods (from medium brown to blonde) make the space more open and relaxed. Light hardwood does its best in a room with plenty of natural light and white walls. Because of their neat, flat appearance, they are an excellent choice for modern aesthetics. And There are many light hardwoods to choose from.

Dark Hardwood: Natural, Authentic & Elegant

Dark hardwoods (from dark brown to almost black) give the space an elegant and first-class feel. Dark hardwood floors can also feel rustic and “real”. You can also turn any light-coloured hardwood into a dark hardwood by adding a tasteful stain.

Native Hardwoods

There are various locally sourced native species of wood with ash, beech, elm, oak, birch and sycamore all making regular appearances. The UK is home to some incredible native hardwoods which offer a wide range of colours, textures and characteristics to work with.

These are the most commonly used in the UK:

Ash – It’s colour ranges from creamy white to pale tan, and occasionally it has a pinkish hue. When dried, ash is one of the hardest native species available in the UK.

Beech –  Beech is pale cream to pink/brown in colour, often with darker coloured veining. Close grained with a straight, fine and even texture. It’s a strong and relatively heavy wood that is good to work with and finishes well.

Birch – It is creamy white to light tan in colour, often with a slight golden or pink hue. It’s an interesting wood which sands well and can be finished to a high sheen.

Elm – Elm is a very popular wood thanks to the irregular grain pattern and course texture which give it loads of character. It generally has a warm hue that is mid to dark brown with a red tone. It’s a wood with immense character and is highly prized.

Oak – Oak tends to have a uniform colouration, ranging from light tan to medium brown. Oak is a traditional timber that everyone is familiar with, and it sits in the middle of the native wood colour spectrum.

Sycamore – It is creamy white to light tan in colour, often with a green flash similar to elm. Sycamore is a beautiful wood that is easy to work, and it finishes to a natural lustre that is buttery smooth.


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