July 14

Advantages of wood as a building material


Wood as a building material has been a common, and also a historical choice. However, in the past few decades, people have gradually shifted from wood to engineered products or metals.

Although the desire not to rely on the world’s forests to meet construction needs is well-intentioned, when considering environmental impact and performance, the advantages of wood as a construction material still overcome other products.

Why is it a good building material?

Beauty – Wood offers an incredible range of aesthetic choices, as well as a variety of mechanical, acoustic, thermal and other properties that can be selected according to the needs of the construction project.

Electrical and heat resistance – when dried, wood has a natural electrical resistance. Its strength and size are also not significantly affected by heat, providing stability for the completed building.

Sound absorption – Wood absorbs sound instead of reflecting or amplifying it, and can help significantly reduce noise levels to increase comfort.

Tensile strength – As a relatively light building material, wood is even better than steel in terms of self-supporting length. In short, it can better support its own weight, allowing more space and less necessary support in certain architectural designs.


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