June 9

3 Things that can be damaging your wooden floors


Hardwoods are great at standing up to daily traffic and wear. But if you really want to extend the life of your hardwood floors, there are 3 things you must always keep in mind.


Some of the most abrasive things a floor can come in contact with are our beloved pets! They can scratch and deform hardwood faster than almost anything else. So make sure your pet’s claws are trimmed down frequently.

One thing you can also do is to choose a tough species of hardwood and replace your floor.


Most people don’t know proper cleaning methods for hardwood, so this might be the most important item on this list.  Never ever let water sit on your hardwood floors, never wait to clean up spills or leave the floor damp. A Spray bottle and a microfiber mop is what you should be using to clean it.


UV radiation can damage the finish of your floors and lead to buckling, warping, or cracks. A way to avoid this is closing your curtains during the day or putting down area rugs where the sun shines on the floor most intensely.


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